Your Personal Stories Matter

Alfred Tanuwidjaja
4 min readOct 18, 2023
photo source — freepik

I think the reason why the sharing of personal stories and experiences is good for building your brand is because they are relatable to your audience. It builds a bridge that connects you and your audience, building trust.

Let me give you an example.
I started a brand new Instagram account and focused on making motivational reels where I share my experiences as a filmmaker, musician and teacher. In the past, I have had several Instagram accounts that only focus on showing my work. These accounts were filled with high-quality photos and videos that I have created. Despite putting out my best work, something was missing. It became a gallery instead of anything motivational or how I wanted my page to represent me. Therefore, I made a brand new account and experimented with shooting videos of myself speaking.

Here are some of the videos that were well-received by my new audience.

Talking about Insecurities — 1709 plays, 161 likes and 26 saves

Improve your work by reflecting on yourself — 1474 plays, 127 likes and 15 saves

Knowing what works for you — 1065 plays, 70 likes and 13 saves

Judging from the 3 videos above, I can confidently say that sharing personal stories and experiences will help me grow my brand organically. I have a few new followers who still drop me messages from time to time even though I stopped creating videos of myself sharing. I think back then It was more about experimenting with what would work in the social media world and proposing the ideas to my clients whom I have created brand story videos for.

But, how do I start to put out videos like these?
The next set of uncertainties or struggles will kick in. This is when many of us will procrastinate and give up completely. Many times, I too want to give up and crawl back into my comfort zone but I forced myself to do it consistently, no matter what. Always have a bigger picture in play or anything that you your mind to. In this instance, all I wanted to do was to help other creatives or business owners understand the power of storytelling and that they matter. In the past, whenever I drown, I will be lifted by my mentors and close friends. Today, I want to return the favour by reaching out to more people — this is my bigger…