Why your brand videos are not connecting with your customers

Alfred Tanuwidjaja
5 min readJan 30, 2024
Photo source — freepik

Creating a good video without having a strong support system behind it will not work, generally speaking. During my early days of making brand videos for businesses, I was often faced with the problem of putting out videos for my clients that did not work or connect well with their customers despite following my clients’ creative briefs and executing their plans to perfection. In the past, I was pretty much following orders, playing it safe so to speak. If I look back at the processes behind the videos I have made for my clients, I understand why they don’t work well after being published on my client’s website or social media pages.

Here are some of the reasons why these videos failed to engage with my client’s customers.

It does not resonate with your customers

As industry experts, we tend to create our content based on what we want our customers to see. In other words, we directed our videos according to what our expertise is, hoping to show our customers how great our products or services are — we show off our products and services through videos. In reality, if your customers are not able to relate to your products or services, they will not be interested in making the purchase. If you are creating content that only highlights your brand’s specialities, it…