Why Dove’s brand videos are so impactful

Alfred Tanuwidjaja
5 min readJan 26, 2024
photo source — 1000logos.net

Whenever I meet a client to discuss the importance of making a brand story video for their business, I will never fail to mention what Dove has done to impact their community of supporters and customers. Over the years, Dove has consistently churned out brand story videos that address the imperfections and beauty of human beings, creating a series of videos that focus on telling the stories behind their customers. In short, their videos have moved me on so many levels.

I remembered an incident where I accidentally chanced upon one of Dove’s videos that addresses the importance of feeling beautiful. If I remember correctly, this video popped up on my YouTube recommendation because I previously watched videos on storytelling.

Here is the video -

It was so beautifully written and filmed that it managed to leave a strong impression on me up till today, many years later. In short, the video talks about the difference between how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. The message it brought to its viewers is straightforward and heartfelt — we see ourselves…