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Made by creatives for creatives

“We are a group of creative professionals here to share our collective decades of wisdom and experience with you. We aim to teach, inspire and motivate those that need it.”

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Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur — an online education platform with the mission of teaching 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love.

“How to get 10k followers on Instagram per week” was the first video I’ve watched from them.

The video features Chris Do having a “whiteboard” session with a live audience. Honestly speaking, I’m bored of videos like these… most of them are either click baits or non-applicable to struggling creatives like myself. Whenever we see titles like these, we assumed that there will be answers to all of our questions but on the other hand, most of them are just trigger-happy motivational ideas to keep your hopes high. At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you to grow and pursue your passion-driven goals. Ironically, I watched the entire 50 minutes long video with ease. Chris presented this discussion in front of a live audience very well. His conversational approach and body language were fairly welcoming and the facts that were laid out were straight to the point and applicable. Slowly, I began watching most of the videos The Futur put out.

Motivational videos are everywhere on social media platforms.

  • how to be a millionaire fast
  • how to generate a million dollars in sales revenue
  • how to get 100k followers on Instagram within a month
  • how to get out of your boring 9 to 5 job and chase your passion

We get hooked by videos like these every single time mainly because we want answers and our dreams are to be successful with millions of dollars in the bank while sipping ice tea on a beach. I call these videos the “5 min satisfactory boost.” You’ll be motivated and driven and then back to being depressed again, all within 5 mins. Because… most of them do not apply to us in real life. People share about the surfaces of their success but never the details behind them.

One thing that The Futur has which stood out is their role-playing sessions. During these sessions, we have the main guys of The Futur solving the issues of today’s struggling creatives in real-time. They have questions and answers, in-depth discussions, real-life situations and explainers. They welcome a challenge and they solve questions.

I feel that these key ingredients are very important to motivate and inspire others. They are not only relatable to struggling creatives but applicable as well. Application is key if you want to succeed in whatever you are doing. Not knowing how to apply what you’ve learnt is pointless and that is what most of the motivational talks or videos are putting out there.

Here are some of my favourite videos from The Futur.

When Client Says “Your Price Is Too High” — How To Respond Role Play.

In this video, the guys talk about one of the main issues we faced as creatives. We want to be valued properly for our work but most of the time, our prices are way too high for the clients and in our defence, we reduced our rates and tortured ourselves to get the project done because we needed the money. Once this cycle carries on, we will drift away from our values and worth which will eventually lead to us having no drive to chase our passion-driven goals… we give up. Sometimes, we have to say NO and allow ourselves to welcome clients who will pay us for what we are worth or think of other strategies to accommodate the lower costs and still put our best work out for our clients. I fully recommend this video to anyone who is encountering problems like these.

When to discuss the budget during a sales call? — Roleplay

Another problem that I faced when closing a sale is the uncertainty of how and when I should propose a price. Most of the time, we would be afraid of proposing a price due to the discontinuation of our conversation with the client. We tend to dig deeper into what they want, we tend to say YES to everything they want, we tend to go the extra mile and provide care packages and we tend to undervalue our work just to get the job awarded to us. In this video, Chris and his guys discussed about closing deals without wasting any time. I feel that this action is essential especially if they value your work and price. State a budget, state the cause and state your value. If they are not ready to pay you for what you’re valued for, move on.

How to grow your video business? — Whiteboard Session

Every creative want to represent a big brand that pays well. Not only do we feel appreciated, we feel driven to put our best work out there for them too. Many creatives like myself are good at doing what we do but not in the different forms of sales and marketing or business development. We can carry the best portfolio but we can never reach the clients we deserve. In this video, Chris and his team talk about building a video production business and what it takes to reach the top. Most of the time, we indulged ourselves with our work but when it boils down to you being a business owner, the focus will be shifted to the client and not so much of yourself. You may think that you are producing good work but you are not solving their problems, etc.

My summary.
I know it may all seemed far-fetched. Come on, man. Look at where Chris is, look at how successful he is, look at all his portfolio. He can command the price he wants and reject the ugly projects because of his status.

Every motivational, talk shows or podcast are the same. You have a super successful entrepreneur giving you straight answers like — hustle all the way! work hard! If I can do it, so can you! But, how do you hustle? What do you work hard at? It’s all subjective. We need applicable content to relate and execute new plans or realise that the uncertainty is normal. We need real-life situations or scenarios to further understand what our problems are and how to solve them. The Futur provides applicable answers to our real-life situations. Hope their videos help you too!

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