Money is just a five letter word.

I used to believe that the happiest people in the world are rich.
The richer you are, the bigger your smiles. But I was wrong.
You can only be satisfied if you know your value,
or what you can do to help others.
In my honest opinion.

Funny story.

I was so broke in the past that my friend and I would compare bank accounts: the lower you have in your bank, you win. I was at a negative $1.54, and my friend was at a negative $4.00, he won! We would laugh it out, and when our pay comes in, the competition starts again. It was fun until the shit hits the fan. But that doesn’t change anything because no matter how much I make, the cycle repeated itself.

The ultimate showdown arrived when I realised I was alone.
Alone with no one to rely on financially anymore.
I had to get my shit together.
I can only depend on myself.

I decided to switch jobs, taking what’s left of my other passion (Visual content) and turning it into a career. I fell even harder this time around, and for sure, I would emerge the champion if my friend and I were still competing. 2016 was doomsday for me.
I could kill myself back then with ease.

Three years later, I decided to focus on something close to my heart.
I decided to help others.
I mean, since you know, I’m already in such a big hole and stuff, why not use what I have left to help others?
Make it or break it, I don’t give a fuck anymore.

I decided to tell stories, their stories.

I’m no longer broke.

I have made some amount that even I, surprised myself.
“Huh? what the hell am I going to do with this amount?”

Just last month alone, two of my overseas gig fetched me a five-figure income in total. I stared at my bank account for a whole minute and took a screenshot of it and then continued to stare again.
“Erm, okay. what do I do now?”

The old me would immediately jump on the computer, search for some new camera or lenses, book a car and go on a shopping spree.

But no.
I took a look at my cameras and lenses; they were exhausted.
They were exhausted with dings, cracks; weird musking tape leftovers, broken LCD screen, dust and sand from god knows where.
Every little bump on them reminded me of the struggles we went through, together.
Fistbump. Let’s do this shit again, guys.

I thought I would be happy. Like, super happy.
I was already happy.
Bringing families together, chasing a little kid around on his birthday with a go-pro, helping fellow musicians and business owners tell their stories, enhancing their performances with strong visual and audio support, and even creating meaningful short films based on my life stories.
I achieved all of these with only $200 in my bank at least.
It is okay to be broke because
“what goes down will come up at some point.”
Wise words from my buddy, Wayne Lim
Only if you make it possible and push yourself consistently.

Money doesn’t make us happy.
Our value does.


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