Keeping it simple and clear

Alfred Tanuwidjaja
5 min readNov 5, 2023
Image source — freepik

While you have been schooled and conditioned to pass on your information, the difficulty is that your knowledge might often be much too technical to be translated immediately.

As business owners, we are constantly consumed with and saturated with the things that pertain to our industry. We are well-versed in the ins and outs of our industry, as well as the right language to use and the rationale behind each of our operations; these things have become second nature to us.

When we’re dealing with new customers, it’s easy to forget that our industry is most likely strange and unknown to them, which makes it much more difficult to remember. This might cause both parties to get frustrated, and it can be damaging to the development of long-term customer relationships.

Clients, on the other hand, are often uninformed of your firm’s capabilities, let alone how they apply to their specific position or company processes. Firms are grappling with how to best educate their clients in language that they can comprehend, but it is becoming more clear that this is a critical practice for any organization.

Why is it Important?

It helps to put your customers at ease: It’s likely that your customers have little knowledge of your sector (which is presumably why they’ve come to you in the first place) and are looking for guidance. Even if they are acquainted with your industry, it is possible that they will not be familiar with your specific procedure and business practices.

They will feel more at ease when dealing with you if you provide them with knowledge and educate them on these matters, which will alleviate any fears they may have. It also helps your customers to feel comfortable approaching you with inquiries, which is essential for effective client communication and a productive working relationship with you.

It shows how well-versed you are about your products or services: Educating your customers also helps to establish you as a professional in their eyes. You will be regarded more seriously if they can see that you know what you’re talking about and have relevant expertise in your industry as a result of your presentation. When your customer perceives you as an expert, he or she will be more comfortable adopting your counsel and…