How to create an effective brand story video

Alfred Tanuwidjaja
7 min readJan 24, 2024
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Ever since I started to monetise my passion for creating images and films, I always believe in the power of storytelling and how it can impact others. The most important essence of connecting with your customers is through storytelling because people tend to resonate better with stories than numbers or statistics. Therefore, I started a video production company that focused on helping businesses craft emotionally relatable brand story videos to connect and reach their target audience. Despite being told not to niche down or do so by industry experts, I have never steered away from my origins of making brand story videos because I fully believe in the power of storytelling. Over the years, together with my team, I have had the honour of producing brand story videos for many brands and today, I am going to share with you some of my thoughts and what it takes to create an effective brand story video.

Why is it important to have a brand story video?

Because people remember stories more than numbers and statistics. If I ask you to look back and name some company videos you have seen in the past or chanced upon, you will most definitely remember the stories behind them. The thing about crafting a good story is… it resonates with human beings. In this case, a carefully planned and executed brand story video will connect with your customers on different levels depending on how you position your narratives. If it leans more towards a customer’s point of view, your customers can relate to your message and there will be a higher chance of purchasing your products or services. If it leans more towards your expertise, there will be an entirely different outcome too. In short, the main purpose of having a brand story video is pretty straightforward — stand out, be uniquely you, share your expertise, show what your product or service is all about, and make money. Think of it like a one-size-fits-all solution to your problems.

Let me give you an example.
Today, you run a business selling fruits along with 10 other fruit stores near you. What will happen next? Price war. If everyone is selling the same product or service, customers will tend to approach your product or service from a price point. Meaning, that if there is nothing special to lift your business on a pedestal…