How I overcame my stage fright with a mirror.

Alfred Tanuwidjaja
4 min readFeb 14, 2024
Photo by Elisa Photography on Unsplash

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about how I overcame my stage fright as a normal dude and a musician on stage. One of the method that worked for me is to stare at yourself in the mirror.

Look at the mirror while practising

Back then, my guitar teacher would spend the first 10 minutes of the class getting me to sit in front of the mirror and practice. He will force me to look at myself while doing so too. Trust me, as simple as it sounds, it was embarrassing. From time to time, I will steal a glance at myself, shy away and look down.

Why is this Important?

What he was trying to show me was, that if you are unable to look at yourself in the mirror while you play and only look down at what you are playing, how do you expect your audience to connect with you? That is how the audience will look at you too — you look down, you shy away, they look away, and they pay no attention to you. Therefore, when I practice in front of the mirror, staring at myself, I am looking at how my audience looks at me.

If I am grumpy as hell, they will see me too.
If I am always smiling, they will see me too.

Not only did I feel more confident after staring at myself in the mirror while I practice…