Figure out what you want to do in life by helping others first.

Find your Inner Peace — Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda

Like a lost, sad and hungry sheep, I began my journey of happiness by learning how to help others. I think in today’s world, everything revolves around solving problems and, this is how successful people operate — you have a problem or an issue? Let me help you out. But if you are not a serial entrepreneur with a bag full of ideas or tricks, you can still find your answers by digging into your past.

Let me share with you some of my experiences.

I picked up the guitar when I was 12. All I wanted to do was to watch the band Blink 182 videos all day long and, I aspired to be like Tom Delonge, the lead guitarist and singer of the band.

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However, the journey towards that goal of mine wasn’t pleasant at all. I was looked down upon, mocked at and even booed during a live performance — I was horrible at the guitar. On some days, I even had to play my guitar in the kitchen when everyone was fast asleep. I wanted to learn how to be better at the guitar and sought help. First, I went to my close friend but, he refused to teach me. And, with all the bad experiences in play, I decided to become a teacher and help my students achieve the unachievable — no one should go through what I went through. It’s a guitar for Fuck’s sake! Everyone should have fun with it!

I studied under several teachers and practised for at least 6 hours a day. Eventually, I joined an education centre that provides guitar lessons in government schools and, I was the assistant trainer. Then, I worked hard and rose to a managerial position. I was also performing full-time in pubs back then. I wanted to learn more about the performing side so I can teach my students more of the out-of-class experience and give them something exciting to look forward to. Up till today, even after a decade or more, I am still teaching a handful of students. Once you find your inner peace and know what you want to do or who you want to help, you will have the energy to fuel your passion.

Another story of mine that led me to venture into photography and videography was the drive to help families and loved ones capture their moments. I grew up in a loveless environment. My parents were always quarrelling. Whenever I chance upon or see a family together going through their usual family routines with joy, I will tear up a little. I’ve always long for a joyous family of my own. A family who loves and cares for one another, unlike the one I went through.

The best way for me to do that at present with my artistic abilities is to capture stills and film. Be a part of their family and leave them something memorable to keep for a lifetime.

We need to know our strengths and weaknesses before helping others. Some of us are gifted with different talents and, not all of us build the same way. If you want to sell a product that will help to solve problems but not a salesman, you can create the product instead. If you want to deliver apples to families every morning but you don’t own any transportation, you can grow the apples instead. Similarly, I would love to go into psychology or counselling and help couples reconnect with one another but, I am never an academic person — my grades were poor and, I hardly attended school. Therefore, I find out what my strengths are and make full use of them. For this instance, I am a creative person and a visual creator hence, I help my clients visually.

If you are passionate about something but you lack the drive or the energy to do so, you will give up. In other words, you might be passionate about photography but, to what extend. Realistically, when the real world comes in-between or when money is involved, it will turn into a test of commitment vs survivability. If you have the bigger picture in play, you will see yourself through all the ups and downs, no matter what the outcome is.

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