*This article does not contain disgusting pictures of my eczema*

So, you have eczema too? I feel your pain.

Watermelon is good for eczema — picture taken from Pexels

Not to worry, I have tried and tested different ways and approaches to ease these triggers of mine and, with hand on heart, I hope that this article will help you to ease your suffering with that nasty 6 letter word…

The long haul — Photo taken by me @ Santorini

Being passionate about doing something is not the same as having the energy to do so.

I took a deep dive into understanding why I am no longer “passionate” about doing the things I have done. Do you wonder why we tend to give up our passion projects whenever reality kicks in — growth, financial stability or joy? Because you need the energy to do so…

Photo taken by me

When I made the switch from performing full-time as a guitarist/singer to a content creator, I was blessed with opportunities that allows me to experiment with my creativity. Hence, I developed the idea of turning cheap products into expensive looking ones. (Stand out from the other competitors)— everyone wants to…

Alfred Twj

Filmmaker + Storyteller + www.alfredtwj.com

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