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When I made the switch from performing full-time as a guitarist/singer to a content creator, I was blessed with opportunities that allows me to experiment with my creativity. Hence, I developed the idea of turning cheap products into expensive looking ones. (Stand out from the other competitors)— everyone wants to sell cheap and fast. Sometimes, my clients will be puzzled… why do you spend so much time on shooting a single product when the returns are pretty much… worthless? …

Photo taken by me.

Social media is changing our lives. Your online presence is just as important as who you are in real life. We talk to our friends through social media, and strangers on the internet now influence our shopping habits. Instead of having to travel hundreds of miles to visit a physical store, you can purchase from brands all over the world. With just a few clicks, you can take yourself to another country. Content creators and influencers are the driving force behind the growth of social media channels, changing how we interact online.

Digital marketing is the future of advertising, but…

A quick backstory

Why I prefer using Sony cameras
I ventured into the photography world back in late 2017 and my first camera was the Canon G7x mark 2. I stumbled upon that little piece after binge-watching vlogs from Marzia Kjellberg, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’s wife also known as Pewdiepie — that was her main camera.

Zen mode activated!

As a freelancer, my livelihood depends on the success stories I have with my clients — they pay my bills. However, whenever it comes down to paying with money, it will never be a walk in the park. I have had my fair share of facing really difficult clients throughout my years as a freelance content creator and ironically, they made me a better person.

Here are some of my strategies and actions that I’ve practiced throughout the years to help me build a stronger relationship with them.

What is your big picture? I’ve seen businesses rise…

“I don’t do anything unless I can give it 100%”

Source: David Beckham’s official Facebook page

“I don’t do anything unless I can give 100%”

Working towards your goals… be it personal, career-wise or hobbies will take time and a whole bag of patience and commitment. And to get closer to them, you will need to be 100% onboard. Most of the time, we get distracted and sidetracked which in turn, will add onto our current list and result in overflowing… just because we love to do them. This is the wrong thing to do especially if you are looking for opportunities to monetise them.


What documentary-styled photography taught me.

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet” — Ronaldinho

I learned all about life with my camera.
Doing what you love will make you a better person if you are aware of it.

Being a documentary-styled photographer taught me about appreciating the little things in life. Sometimes, we are too caught up chasing goals and money and we tend to leave out certain aspects of our lives which matters. If you pay close attention to your surroundings, you will start to see the stories the people. …

Here are some of the music quotes which will help you in life.

This photo was taken by me

“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” — Louis Armstrong

As a guitar instructor and a full-time performer in the past, I know what Jazz is. Actually… I don’t
If you have to ask what your job/destiny/goal/purpose is, you’ll never know. In fact, you should know them by now — why you do what you do.

Here’s why. We human beings are adaptable creatures. We have the capacity to learn new crafts or skills at any time and the given ability to soak…

The difference between making a change or adapting to relationships.

photo credit — me

You can never change someone.
But you can always adapt to them instead.
And if you find it difficult to adapt, take a bow… the show is over.

I know that it is tough to leave relationships — friendships, marriages, love, etc. But, you have your own limit to this as nothing lasts forever. Vows can be broken, promises can be broken and pinky swears are crap.

However, these situations can be prevented if you know the differences between “changing and adapting.”

Meaning… Let’s say that you’re in a relationship…

How to get the best positive experience out of it

Ghosting happens when someone disappears on the other someone without any rhyme or reason. Boom! You have just been ghosted!
Just like that…

Why does ghosting happen?
Because… you’re probably useless to them.
Because… you’re an asshole.
Because… you smell of poop and tarts.

Apparently, there are no answers to that — one day you guys can be the best of friends, blood brothers, bros before hoes and the next… total strangers.
It’s normal.

One day you guys are so deeply in love — till death do us apart…

Being passionate about something does not equal to you really being passionate about something. In fact, you might be lying to yourself.

We confuse being passionate about something to having the energy to do something…
Passion is a strong word.
Passion is a very subjective word.
Passion drives you forward.
Passion kills you instantly.
Let me share some of my real-life situations with you.

I love dogs. I super love dogs. In fact, I have worked with dogs and worked for dogs. I’ve worked with dogs as a police officer (national service) and I have worked for dogs as a…

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